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Staff Testimonials

I have been working at PSMS 29 for more than five years now as the School Computer Technology Specialist. The school has amazingly transformed since my first day and it truly started when it received a new administration team that brought in huge 'IMPACT' (Integrity, Motivation, Perseverance, Accountability, Commitment, Teamwork) to our school and its community. Being the School Computer Technology Specialist at PSMS 29 has allowed me to explore many paths in the IT world and allowed me to provide support to students and staff in many of those areas. My goal is to continue to provide as much IT support at PSMS 29, especially now in these difficult times. My exposure to programming/coding at PSMS 29 has also led me to pursue further educational studies in computer programming. My talents are highly valued here and will continue to cultivate and be inspired by everyone I work with who pushes me to do more. 
- Mr. Barros